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What we offer | Our couture service

A couture garment should be perfectly fitted to you, not an inch too big, not too small or too tight in any area. Most importantly it should make you feel comfortable, stylish and stunning each and everytime you wear it. In order to acheive this result we follow a tried and tested process detailed below.

Step 1: The initial consultation: This consultation is free. You can either make and appointment to see us or, provided that you live within our home visit coverage area. At this consultation we will discuss your requirements and any ideas you may have. Please dont worry if you have several ideas or are not clear on what you want. We can discuss things and I can make recomendations. At this meeting I will take your measurements in case you decide to proceed further. Following this meeting I will produce a quotation for the work we discuss along with any concept designs or sketches that we agree on.

What to bring: Your ideas and anything that will help express what you want, cut outs from magasines, existing garments, web links or sketches may all help us land on the perfect garments for you.

Step 2: If you agree to proceed based on my quotation: Then you will need to sign and return the order form included with the quotation along. You will also need to pay the specified deposit. This will generally be 30% of the quoted sum plus the cost of making your block.

Step 3: When your block is complete I will use it to draft the specific pattern for the garment you have ordered. Once the pattern is drafted I will make it up using a simple fabric into a garment called a toile. At this point we will arrange a fitting so that you can try on the toile and we can make any necessary adjustments to the pattern and confirm the fit. This fitting will be conducted at my studio.

Step 4: Once we have confirmed the fit of the toile I will proceed to complete the garment. Once the garment is complete I will get in touch and notify of completion. The remaining balance of the quoted sum will fall due on completion of the garment and once this balance is paid in full I will deliver the garment to you.









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